RANTS: The Life of a Bad Idea

Day One:

Idea is run up the flag pole. Voices of Reason raise concerns and point to ways to make it a Good Idea. Concerns and input are ignored by the Idea Originator.

Day Two:

Bad Idea is implemented without modification. Voices of Reason whine and moan. Grumblers noted by Implementer.

Day Three:

Bad Idea now declared a “Success”.

Three Months later:

“Success” produces no or negative results. Voices of Reason are now dispirited by consequences of “Success” and urged to work harder by Implementer.

Six Months later:

Superior of Bad Idea Originator expresses concern about possible failure of “Success”. Voices of Reason explicitly threatened to make “Success” successful “or else _____.”

Nine Months later:

“Success” proves fiasco. Implementers solicit Voices of Reason for suggestions on how to make “Success” a Good Idea. Most Voices of Reason now silent or moved on to other endeavors.


2 Responses to “RANTS: The Life of a Bad Idea”

  1. Jennifer Ziegler Says:

    This is so true! And everybody knows this — so why does it ALWAYS go down this way???? Idiots…

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