My New Ant Overlords

On lunch today I went out to the parking lot at work to put a little 10W40 in my bike.  It was dripping a wee bit until recently and I was correct it needed a glug or two.

I popped open the seat to grab the tool kit beneath. Ants!!! Little tiny ones carrying eggs! Hundreds of them.  And little baby spiders too!!! Ewwwww!!!! I gooshed as many as I could, and gave the inside of the bike a nice rub with an oily rag, sending them into retreat. I think I remember learning somewhere that oil defeats the little fiends ability to walk and they hate the stink of it too. I generously greased up the infested tools and toolkit as well.

My garage is currently very dirty amidst its ongoing renovation project and they must have climbed aboard in the past couple of days. While I work in there, I must remember to spray down some organic insecticide I have that smells like Root Beer. Also, I best keep the bike nice and oily all over.

“They are Superior!!!


One Response to “My New Ant Overlords”

  1. Ben Says:

    Holy crap! I didn’t know that silver spray paint could do that to ants! Gotta see this one!

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