A Leaning Tower ‘a Piece ‘a …

Got a little detail work done this morning: the front porch rails received a coat of exterior white atop last weekend’s coat of Killz primer. I used a new can of Killz and an old can of white flat left by the former owners of my house. The house paint can was already cracked open, who knows how long ago, and pretty gloppy, but it did the job.

Next up on the porch, the slab needs the old blistered paint removed. I hope to use a buddy’s power-sprayer to make short work of it, but I may have to resort to using my power-sander. Thankfully it’s not too big, and the paint looks mighty loose. To replace it, my artistic consultant is leaning towards a good shade of blue.

I made a bit of a discovery in the garage too this week. Looks like at one point about four feet of corner brick wall settled slightly outwards from the structure. To repair it, my predecessor slapped some concrete in the cracks and walked away. Look like a big job to tear that portion down, plumb a good cinder-block foundation, and lay some bricks but I am pretty sure I can make it happen. It also explains the mystery of why one of the garage doors won’t close true. I look forward to both mixing cement and wielding a trowel again which I have not done in many, many moons. I will have to brace that corner of the roof, and level-up the garage door frame beams. Time to get a serious sledgehammer.

But first, the rest of the exterior needs re-pointing here and there. Also, if I dig out a rubbish pile left by the previous occupants, I can probably turn up a good number more of the vintage bricks I’ve been finding; I do want my repairs to blend in as much as possible.


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