Farewell moldy drywall and bizarre ancient wall covering material!!!

With the help of two strong volunteers (thanks guys!) I finally got rid of the rest of the foul wall covering in the garage. I did find some hidden, fixable problems, but I am grateful that the bricks look fine.

When I bought the house, the inspector found a termite issue in there and it was subsequently treated. Now the extent of the damage has been exposed. The wall studs, unlike the the other ones I have already seen so far, look terrible. Many are completely just plain all-gone at the bottom, poof! From what I can tell, the rot was caused by a combination of water damage from when the roof was leaking plus a massive bug colony. And maybe birds, squirrels, or other fauna. Gross!

Although I am not keen on putting up new drywall, I do suspect that a future owner may want to go that way. I do know however I would like sturdy wall studs in there to hang up shelving on. I have lots of tools and solvents that need to be kept far away from the kids and a few prized decorative knick-knacks as well.

The wood that remains will need a good twice-over to determine what can stay and what can go. It might be tricky work too as the wooden frame for the drop ceiling tiles I ripped out remains in place and rests upon a beams running atop the studs. I’d like to somehow put in some new studs and with no daughter-boarding too.The ceiling frame is neat, and might look fantastic after a cleaning and straightening. It might even have a degree or two of utility value left it for supporting light objects like chicken wire, tomato plant sticks, fishing rods, etc.. Lots of scraping and staining ahead I suspect.

Great to have more work space in there. The fellas helped do a good clean-and-sort job thereafter. I hope the garbage men are sympathetic to my struggle today; we left them several cans of scrap and gypsum board to dump. I figure though they charge me top dollar for “waste removal” so tough-darts. We filled every receptacle I have, so I’ll be sure to fill-up a couple more with the remaining detritus sitting by my wood-pile for them.

Once the new boards are in, it’s time for new electrical wiring! After that, I’ll need to call in an inspector to check that out before it can go live. Until then, I’m still using a giant extension cord attached to the back of my house and it surely sucks.

But, now the dust has cleared a bit, it is starting to look very, very nice in there, relatively speaking of course. Lots more space has been freed up and they’ll be even more after I bust up a broken IKEA wardrobe; I plan to use the fiberboard pieces for a table-top on my homemade work table. The joint could use a good shop-vac treatment to suck up all the dusty bits, followed by a good mopping. Part of the floor is covered by a neato sticky-tile floor treatment that I bet would look great with a bit of waxing.

Once it’s immaculate in there I feel it’s time for a space heater. No reason not to work in there just because it’s cold!


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