Sorry, but everything is broken this week.

I just figured out my Civic has a dodgy interlock switch under the dash after my favorite mechanic hosed me for a new solenoid a couple weeks ago. Madre de dios. If I ever go to a mechanic again, I swear and promise to Saint Columbine himself it will only be after I have torn apart the machine and figured out what the exact issue is myself, forever and ever, amen.

Or, I’ll just drive old stone-age machines I can bodge and tinker together myself.

As for my stone age bike, my speedo cable snapped and I am waiting on a new one to allow me to pass inspection. I spent June wobbling around with a viral ear infection and I’m pretty damn anxious to start my riding season. So far the engine is running better than it ever has while the suspension and tires feel great. I replaced a broken drive hump on her and it seems to be ticking along quite nicely indeed.

I’ve also started to care more about appearance. She’s a good girl and deserves to look her best. Lots of ArmorAll-ing, lubricating, Meguire’s-ing going on in the shed. While I was at a local bike shop on Monday, a kind stranger told me that he’d rather my Kawa’ than his neat vintage 650 Yammie twin! That’s about the second compliment I ever received about my bike and it kinda really felt awesome! I want more! Next step is a full-on wheel cleaning and polishing. Thereafter, repainting dodgy spots here and there. Then, perhaps a engine paint job.

I bought the old beast with a battery in it. I got four years out of that barely charging, acid-dripping piece of junk. This year I am getting a nice sealed gel battery. I hope it works out and the hi-tech battery doesn’t mind being in an old school bike.

Also this summer I’d like to replace old hoses and cables for some preemptive headache avoidance. And maybe a nice valve job!

Garage is working out well as a work-space. Just enough room to work on the bike but I could use a bit more. Hopefully I’ll get a day in soon to sort, eject junk, and come up with more elegant “storage solutions” for all my accumulated oils, unguents, pieces, parts, gidgets and gadgets.


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