Bike repairs

Put a new battery in the bike today and it fires right up. I’m a bit worried my electrical system, specifically the stator, might be bad and won’t charge it. That concern is unfounded by the evidence at hand. The old battery just wouldn’t charge up at all on the charger. However, it’s kind of my nature to worry about the next thing up the chain after fixing something further down.

Put in a new speedo cable. Although it’s a bit drizzly, I took a quick ride around the block to make sure it worked. There again, I was worried that the clockwork gear either on the wheel or in the speedo itself may have been damaged. I put the bike back in the garage with a smile on my face.

Didn’t have time to get the inspection sticker. Now that the instruments work, I ought to be good to go. I had to spend much precious time and work getting that bike out of a state of neglect, largely due to a busy Spring, illness and stress. I feel a few miles under my butt ought to perk me up, get me in gear.

Even just working on the bike though makes me pretty happy. But it’s certainly nothing compared to the euphoria of a good ride.

Coming back in the house, I found to my surprise that my lovely wife had completed much work on a portrait of me. She used our favorite photo together as a basis. I was very impressed with her skill and really love it. She is thoughtful, supportive and kind. Puts everything in perspective for me.


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