Back on the road

Lovely ride today. As the weather was a bit ominous, I stayed pretty close to home. I rode up 11/15, north to Duncannon, to the “Sled Works”. It’s my favorite antique haunt and I can malinger there for hours just looking.

Bit of a hot day. Thankfully they had a Big Ben Sarsaparilla from Catiwissa, PA waiting there for me.

Antique-ing on a motorcycle is terribly sensible you see; can’t really buy anything too big because you cannot bring it home. Finn broke one of his Hot Wheels this morning so I was able to bring him home a couple replacements. I found him a cool Outer-Space Van and a Volkswagen “Thing”.

The bike got a good shakedown. I put a lot of work into her lately and she seems in good shape. Good mix of stop ‘n go traffic and country two-lane black-top on my route. I took it slowly and spent some time to review my invaluable Motorcycle Safety class lessons. On the way home I took highway 322 to make sure she’s willing on the top end too.

Great to be getting some more miles under my butt. It feeds my soul.


One Response to “Back on the road”

  1. yarnho Says:

    Glad you got a break for once and that you enjoyed your adventure!


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