The Bug-In Bag

Welcome 2013. Glad to see we are all mostly still here. Honestly though, for all the hype, I don’t know a single soul in my circle who sincerely thought that 2012 was destined to be the end of all things. Maybe that speaks to my cloistered self, but I’d rather think it was just all a humbug.

It does give me fodder to ruminate upon though. I don’t watch or read the news much but I have caught a few stories about folks who are preparing for the end of days, squirreling away things that might somehow help in imagined scenarios, economic collapse, peak oil, epidemics and all.

That sounds like a nice hobby but it’s not for me. I don’t want an emergency “Bug-Out Bag” filled with things like dehydrated food, weapons, twine and batteries. If I could make a resolution for this New Year, I’d prefer to “bug-in” big time thank you. Be more engaged, available and tuned-in. It may not seem too hard a thing to do to most people, but as I am a bit of a hermit making connections in the world isn’t my forte. Instead it is something I’ll readily admit I fear on an active level. It’s not the path of least resistance for me but I’d like to spend the rest of my days in the flow of life, not trying to build some island.

I’ve often wondered if I ought to carry a bag of things that can be helpful in the lives of others. Let’s call it a “Bug-In Bag”. Instead of a tin of tuna and a bottle of water for me to eat in a ditch post-Armageddon alfresco, this kit will instead contain items that other folks I meet in my day-to-day journey might need.

The big open-ended question is “what goes in the bag”? I expect that everybody has a different idea of what the world needs ready at hand. My list is bound to change too over time and I’m open to suggestions. I’m starting with…

(1) Leatherman Multi-tool
(2) Pack of Wrigley’s Double-Mint gum
(3) Packet of Kleenex
(4) Spare $5 cash
(5) Sewing kit
(6) Band-Aids
(7) Hand wipes
(8) Pen
(9) Notepad
(10) Deck of playing cards

There. A good start. Most items available at a $1 store. Not going to take up much space in my murse or motorcycle bag. Friends I’ve told about this post suggested the inclusion of a packet of nuts, tobacco, chocolate and a divination tool e.g. I Ching coins or runes. I’m personally not prognosticating that any of these items will definitely be useful to somebody someday but here’s hoping. Sometimes I believe in synchronicity and karma but sometimes I just don’t know. I do know I am curious to see what happens.



One Response to “The Bug-In Bag”

  1. joburgwaltzes66 Says:

    Nice idea Stevie – you might put a pair of reading glasses in the bag. I always need them and can never find them.

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